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    High Temperature Rubber Sheet Classification

    High temperature resistant rubber sheet refers to vulcanized rubber that can maintain the original mechanical properties and use value when used for a long time under high temperature conditions. The amount of performance change, performanc...

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    Precautions for the use of oil-resistant rubber sheets

    1. If the oil-resistant rubber sheet is in contact with an oil medium for a long time during use, the oil can penetrate into the rubber to cause swelling, which reduces the strength and other mechanical properties of the rubber. Oil can swe...

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    Rubber Sheet Production Process

    1. Mixing: The raw rubber, compounding agent, etc. are put into the mixing equipment for mixing at a certain ratio. The purpose of mixing is to make the compounding agent completely dispersed in the rubber, and not to reduce the mechanical...

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    Characteristics of Insulating Rubber Sheet

    An insulated rubber sheet is pressed from asbestos, rubber, and filler. According to different formulas, processes, properties, and uses, there are mainly high-voltage insulation rubber plates, medium and low-voltage insulation rubber plate...

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    Production Process Of Insulating Rubber Sheet

    The production process of insulating rubber sheet needs to pass through basic processes such as plasticizing, kneading, calendering or extrusion, forming and vulcanization. Each process has different requirements for products, and is accomp...

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    Precautions for installation of anti-static rubber sheet

    Anti-static rubber sheet is often used for laying floors and workbenches in the computer room. Its ground laying must also have certain requirements and methods, so as to ensure its flatness and wear resistance, then everyone understands th...

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    How to buy oil resistant rubber sheet?

    1. The appearance quality of the rubber sheet . First look at the color of the rubber sheet. The color of the rubber sheet is golden yellow, and the body is translucent. The carbonized rubber sheet is bronze or brown, and the color is unifo...

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    Characteristics of Insulated Rubber Sheet

    Insulating rubber sheet is mainly made of insulating rubber material. It has the characteristics of easy curing, strong adhesion, low shortening, and various forms. It also has irregularities, so it has a wide range of applications. Introdu...



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