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    What’ s the Effect on Heat Storage Capacity of Industrial Rubber Sheet?

    Industrial rubber sheet requires vulcanization medium has good heat transfer and dispersion: in the vulcanization of rubber products, vulcanization medium is a heat carrier. Industrial rubber sheet requires vulcanization medium has good hea...

  • 08


    Flame Retardant and Anti-Static Rubber Sheet is Very Suitable for Use Here

    The use of rubber sheet in our life is very extensive. So how much do we know about the rubber sheet? What characteristics does rubber sheet have? Where is it mainly used? In fact, there are many types of rubber sheet. Today, we explain a l...

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    What Factors Should We Consider when Choosing Diamond Rubber Sheet?

    Rubber sheet is very common in industry. Good rubber sheets can prolong the life of construction equipment. Diamond rubber sheet is a common rubber sheet with diamond pattern, more beautiful and more practical. So, what should we pay attent...

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    A Container of Rubber Sheet was Loaded

    A container of rubber sheet loaded on Jan. 27, 2021. It will be shipped to Turkey, in time as negotiated. Orientflex produces PVC hoses, industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, silicone hoses, rubber sheet and so on. We have strict control on ou...

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    The performance and advantages of non-slip rubber sheet

    The performance of non-slip rubber sheet: Elasticity: With proper elasticity, it can produce appropriate rebound force during exercise, which can protect the joints and ligaments of athletes and reduce the risk of injury. Anti-slip: A speci...

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    Introduction of natural rubber sheet and silicone rubber sheet

    Natural rubber sheet has better insulation due to the introduction of sulfur, accelerators and other factors, so it is also used in various industries. So what is the difference between it and silicone sheet? What are its uses? 1. Natural R...

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    Application and maintenance of red insulating rubber sheet

    Uses of red insulated rubber sheets: 1. Packaging materials, precision machinery, medical appliances, furniture, glass, such as transportation buffer materials, small electrical protection buffer materials. 2. Civil, construction, residenti...

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    Characteristics and performance of EPDM rubber sheet

    EPDM rubber sheet features: EPDM rubber sheet has high tear resistance, good resistance to oil, high temperature, corrosion, aging, and strong elasticity; it is used in oil medium in low and high temperature environments. Can be made of oil...



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