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    The Development of Rubber Sheet

    Rubber sheet is a common accessory in engineering and mining machinery and equipment. The main raw material of rubber sheet is rubber. Next lets take a look at the development history of rubber and rubber sheets. In 1493, the great Spanish...

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    How to Maintain Industrial Rubber Sheet?

    In recent years, the development of industrial rubber sheet is good, and very popular in construction industry. Industrial rubber sheet not only has good insulation performance, but also is suitable for long life name, beautiful shape, gree...

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    How Can Insulation Rubber Sheet Material be Flame Resistant?

    Insulation rubber sheet material manufacturers will talk about the combustion resistance of insulating rubber sheet, it refers to the ability of insulating materials to resist combustion when they contact the flame or to stop burning when t...

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    What’s the Advantage of Rubber Sheet in Life?

    Rubber sheet is mainly made of rubber (including fabric, metal plate and other reinforcement materials), vulcanized and become a kind of high hardness sheet products with a certain thickness and a larger area of rubber sheet. So what is the...

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    How Anti-static Rubber Sheet to achieve the Effect of Electrostatic Protection?

    Anti - static rubber sheet is also known as anti - static rubber pad, electrostatic cover. Characteristic of anti-static rubber sheet: Bright color, good wear resistance, with excellent anti - static, electrostatic conductivity properties....

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    How to Store Rubber Insulated Sheets?

    The main component of insulating rubber sheet is rubber material, which is made under great pressure. It is very unstable at the beginning, easy to expand and retract. It can be used normally after a short period of relaxation when it is in...

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    Three Important Points of Silicone Rubber Sheet in Further Development

    The size and uniformity of the bubble holes of the silicone rubber sheet have a certain influence on the quality of itself. While the bubble holes of the Orientflex silicone rubber sheet are small and uniform, with good toughness, high stre...

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    The Importance of Rubber Mat Waterproof

    The waterproof function of rubber sheet is still very important for our use. So how to strengthen its waterproof function is a problem that many manufacturers should consider. Through these several methods to enhance its waterproof function...



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