Non-Slip Rubber Sheet Introduction

Non-slip rubber sheet is also called non-slip rubber mat, polka dot non-slip rubber sheet, twill rubber sheet, suitable for hotel, hotel, gymnasium, conference hall, gym, kitchen, warehouse, bathroom and other ground laying, with anti-slip, fitness, beauty and protection. .

Compared with traditional cement, wood flooring, marble flooring and ordinary rubber panels, the non-slip rubber sheet has obvious elastic advantages. The non-slip rubber floor mat is made of a special production equipment for rubber mats, which is produced by high temperature and high pressure. Rubber mats have many commonalities with plastic floors such as floors, plastic runways, and outdoor plastic basketball courts, but rubber mats also have their own characteristics. Specifically, the non-slip rubber mat has the following characteristics:
1. The non-slip rubber sheet has strong pressure resistance, impact resistance, large friction coefficient, elasticity, shock absorption and anti-skid, and has strong protective function.
2. The non-slip rubber pad has good weather resistance and temperature resistance, and the insulating rubber plate also has excellent UV resistance characteristics, which can meet the needs of different places. At that time, rubber mats were used in many places such as kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, gyms, stadiums, tunnels, and public walkways.
3. Non-slip rubber sheet is safe and environmentally friendly. Rubber mats are safe and non-toxic, do not worry about posing a negative hazard to the human body, and will not multiply microorganisms and be healthier.
4. The non-slip rubber sheet has various specifications, rich colors, no reflection, beautiful appearance, and can be combined with a variety of images to meet the needs of most people.

The non-slip rubber sheet has good physical and mechanical properties and excellent insulation performance, and can work in a dry environment of -35 to +100 °C with high air intercalation coefficient. Through the 43KV test, it works normally at 660V. Widely used in substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, laboratory roommates and field live working. Store in a dry, ventilated environment, away from heat, and away from the ground and walls more than 20cm. Avoid contamination by acids, alkalis and oils. Do not open the air to avoid direct sunlight.

Non-slip rubber sheet shelf life: Because the transparent rubber pad will be affected by acid, alkali, oil and other corrosive products, it will oxidize with air, make the transparent rubber pad yellow, and glue degumming. Insulating rubber sheet should improve the shelf life of the transparent rubber pad, and add special additives of silica gel to the material so that it does not appear degumming and yellowing.

Non-slip rubber sheet storage: It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse, away from heat sources, 20cm above the ground and walls, sealed with packaging plastic bags to avoid the influence of acid, alkali, oil and other corrosive products. Do not leave in the open air to avoid direct sunlight.

Non-Slip Rubber Sheet Introduction

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