How to select high-quality insulated rubber sheets?

Insulated rubber sheets are made of rubber from the primary raw material. The information of rubber as an insulating sheets is because rubber has the advantage characteristics that other raw materials cannot compare. The origin of the primary rubber is rubber tree and other plants of latex, rubber elasticity has become the first reason for the selection of insulating rubber sheet, outstanding elasticity makes the insulation rubber sheet in other processes such as paving is not easy to crack, and has excellent stretchand and extension.

First of all, we have to distinguish from the appearance of the insulated rubber sheet, in fact, not only rubber sheet we choose other items when so, from the appearance of the shape, to see the situation of its marks, especially its depth is not in line with the standard, it has a large number of bubbles, because for these production process have strict regulations, For every square meter of bubbles have boundaries, and the distance between each bubble in the 30 cm effect, and then we have to look at the insulation rubber sheet distribution of impurities, no matter how can not exceed its thickness of one-sixth, of course, we also want to see whether the edge of the rubber sheets has a cracked mouth, whether there are bad marks of damage.

In addition, the hardness of the insulating rubber sheet has an objective evaluation, at this point we should focus on its stretching condition to distinguish the good, must be in line with national regulations, and the condition of the stretch rate can not be ignored, while the rubber sheet water absorption and other aspects are within the prescribed parameters.

The outer root of the insulation rubber sheet detection insulation plywood spot marks or bump saffleg parts of the depth or height shall not exceed the thickness of the plywood public service, bubbles per square meter, the area of 1cm2 bubbles do not exceed 5, the interval between the two bubbles is not less than 40mm, between the depth of impurities and length not beyond the thickness of the plywood is not less than 40mm.

The margin of the plywood or the spongy part is not more than 10mm wide, the length does not exceed 1/10 of the total length of the plywood, and no cracks are allowed. Sealing materials Co. , Ltd. professional production of rubber sheet, insulated rubber sheet, oil-resistant rubber sheet, anti-static rubber sheet welcome broad users to buy.

In addition, consumers will look at their insulation test indicators, in this test we have to look at its voltage and breakdown voltage tests to see if they meet the standards.

Insulated rubber sheets

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