Introduction to natural rubber sheets

Natural rubber sheet is widely used in substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, laboratories and field live operations, mainly using rubber insulation materials, insulation mats up and down the surface should not be harmful irregularities.

Natural rubber sheets have the following characteristics:
1. Has a very good elasticity, its elastic mode is 3-6MPa;
2. Natural rubber is a kind of crystalline rubber, stretched under the action of external forces will form crystallization. Self - replenishment is very strong; the average molecular weight is very large, thus giving it a high mechanical strength.
3. Because of its wide molecular weight distribution, it has good processing process performance. It is good for dispersion and cosolutability with the adhesive, easy to use with fillers and most other rubber, easy to press, press and other mechanical processing and paste molding.
4. Natural rubber sheet has good breathability, water resistance, cold resistance, electrical insulation and insulation performance.
5. Intolerant aging is the fatal weakness of natural rubber.
6. The molecular chain does not contain polar groups and is a non-polar rubber. Only a few polar solvents are resistant. Therefore, its oil resistance is very poor. Has good resistance to alkaline energy, but not strong acid.

Introduction to natural rubber sheets

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