Features of NBR rubber sheets

The nitrile rubber sheet has wear resistance and airtightness. The defects of Dingqing rubber sheet are not resistant to ozone and aromatic, halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones and ester solvents. It is not suitable for insulation materials.

The main use of nitrile rubber sheet:
Nitrile rubber sheets are mainly used to make oil-resistant products, such as oil-resistant pipes, tapes, rubber diaphragms and large oil bladders. They are commonly used in the production of various oil-resistant molded products such as O-rings, oil seals, cups, diaphragms, shutters, and corrugations. Tubes, etc., are also used to make rubber sheets and wear parts.

The combination of nitrile rubber sheets:
Nitrile rubber is very polar, and its compatibility with other polymers is generally not very good, but it is used together with non-polar rubber such as neoprene or styrene butadiene rubber. It should be noted that the nitrile rubber sheet is characterized by good oil resistance and has a tendency to reduce oil resistance in combination with other polymers (except polyvinyl chloride).

Nitrile rubber sheet characteristics:
1. Due to the presence of polar nitrile groups, it has high stability to non-polar or weakly polar mineral oils, animal and vegetable oils, liquid fuels and solvents. Oil resistance is its greatest specialty, and the higher the acrylonitrile content, the better the oil resistance.
2. Heat resistance is better than natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber and neoprene rubber. It can be used for a long time in air at 1z0c.
3. Good air tightness, second only to butyl rubber.
4. Cold resistance and low temperature resistance are poor, the higher the acrylonitrile content, the worse the cold resistance.
5. Because it is a non-crystalline rubber, the raw rubber strength is low, and a reinforcing agent is required. Increasing the amount of acrylonitrile combined helps to increase the strength and wear resistance, but the elasticity is lowered.
6. The dielectric properties of nitrile rubber are inferior and belong to semiconductor rubber.
7. The balance of oil resistance and permanent deformation of the rubber compound, the balance between oil resistance and electrical properties is important.
Features of NBR rubber sheets  Features of NBR rubber sheets

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