NBR Rubber Sheet Introduction

The nitrile rubber sheet is an oil resistant material with excellent properties. It is generally used in some physical machines and can be used as a mechanical lining. The nitrile rubber sheet is mainly composed of butadiene dilute monomer, which is a structurally stable substance and can be used to replace natural rubber. The melting point of nitrile rubber sheets is relatively low, similar to the melting point of glass, and is mainly used in some aviation and automobile industries.

Nitrile rubber sheets are widely used due to their excellent oil resistance:
Nitrile rubber sheets are mainly used in the aerospace, automotive, printing, textile and machinery manufacturing industries. Due to the development of NBR modified varieties, the application prospect of nitrile rubber has been expanded. In summary, the main things are: manufacturing agile boxes, fuel hoses, oil limbs, oil seals, fuel filler pipes, oil-resistant rubber parts and various products in contact with sputum. Nitrile rubber has good compatibility with PVC, cool acid resin, etc., so it is often blended with resin to modify the material. PVC is used to improve the processing performance and impact resistance; the aldehyde resin is used to obtain the renewable material, and the fluid material after the asphalt mixing is manufactured.

Nitrile rubber is mainly used in the production of oil-resistant products, such as oil-resistant pipes, tapes, rubber diaphragms and large oil bladders. It is commonly used in the production of various oil-resistant molded products, such as O-rings, oil seals, cups, diaphragms, valves, bellows. , hoses, seals, foaming, etc., also used to make rubber sheets and wear parts.

The above is the main use of nitrile rubber sheets. The nitrile rubber sheet is an insulating object that can be used in the electronics industry and in some industries related to electricity. It can be used as an insulator and an insulating board. Nitrile rubber sheets are a kind of flowing material that can be mixed with asphalt and are commonly used in the industrial and petroleum industries.
NBR rubber sheet introduction

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