Rubber sheet features

The rubber sheet is made of rubber as a main material (which may contain reinforcing materials such as fabrics and metal sheets), and is obtained by vulcanization and has a certain thickness and a large area of sheet products, referred to as rubber sheets.

The rubber sheet is formed by calcining a rubber compound by calendering, extrusion molding, vulcanization with a flat vulcanizer or continuous vulcanization with a drum vulcanizer. The color is mostly black, gray, green, blue, red, etc., and is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments, house floors, sealing rubber rings, door and window seals and laying workbench.

Rubber sheets are used in a wide range of applications. Different rubber sheets are selected for different working conditions. Different environments and actual use require different processes. For example, the rubber sheets used in the on-site construction process are cooked sheets or self-vulcanized. For the rubber sheet, when the ambient temperature is too high, the vulcanized can is vulcanized with a heat vulcanization method to improve the temperature resistance of the rubber sheet.

Rubber sheet features:
The rubber sheet has high hardness, good physical and mechanical properties, excellent insulation performance, and can work in a dry environment of -35 to +100 °C with high air dielectric coefficient.
The rubber sheet can be operated in air with a low pressure and a temperature of 20° to +140°C. Through the 43KV test, it works normally at 660V. Strong elasticity, excellent insulation performance and shiny surface.

The use of rubber sheet:
Rubber sheets are mainly used in industries such as military, aerospace and industrial grade construction. According to its performance, it can be used in shock absorption, sealing, gasketing and oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance and insulation.
Industry: Rubber sheets are mainly used for anti-corrosion, abrasion resistance and impact resistance to protect the equipment and devices used.
Mining: Rubber sheets are mainly used in this field to withstand impact and wear to protect their equipment and related piping equipment, thus extending the life of their equipment.
Cultural education system: mainly used for printing and plate making.

Industrial wear rubber sheet:NBR Rubber SheetSBR Rubber SheetCR Rubber Sheet.

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