Introduction to non-slip wear-resistant rubber sheet

1. Rich in color, harmonious and beautiful, the color used is non-toxic and does not fade.
2. Good hydrophobic properties. Outdoor laying does not accumulate water, is not afraid of tides, does not slip.
3. Sturdy and thick, with strong wear resistance and pressure resistance, and good wear resistance.
4. Temperature resistance: -40 ° C -100 ° C can be used normally.
5. Aging resistance: It has good anti-oxidation and anti-UV properties and meets outdoor long-term use.
6. Flame retardant and self-extinguishing.
7. Non-toxic, non-polluting, no radiation, no mold, no insects. The interior can be safely paved.
8. Easy to clean, strong stain resistance, dry suction, water wash.
9. The construction is convenient, no need to glue and nail, the color, pattern and specification can be cut, combined and adjusted at will.
10. It has moderate elasticity, has the minimum friction coefficient and shock absorption ability suitable for people to walk or move, and has good safety protection performance, that is, functional and decorative. It overcomes the shortcomings of hard floor tiles and enables users to walk or When you are active, you are always in a safe and comfortable physical and mental state, with a comfortable foot and a relaxed body and mind. It is used to lay the sports ground, not only to better play the skills of the competitors, but also to minimize the damage that may be caused to the human body by jumping and instrument movement. Laying in old age and children's sports places can play a good role in protecting the safety of the elderly and children.
wear-resistant rubber sheet

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