Oil-resistant rubber sheet performance

Oil-resistant rubber sheet to rubber as the main material (can contain fabrics, metal sheet and other enhanced materials, commonly known as clamps, clamp metal, clamp wire mesh, etc.), by vulcanization and produced with a certain thickness and a larger area of flaky products, referred to as plywood.

Oil-resistant rubber sheet can be divided into pure plywood and clamp, sandwich metal skeleton layer plywood and other varieties, according to the use can be divided into industrial plywood and rubber floor, according to color can be divided into red, black, white, green oil-resistant rubber plate.

Oil-resistant rubber sheet features a high hardness, physical and mechanical properties in general, can be low pressure, the temperature of 0 to 60 degrees C in the air work. The system is made of synthetic or extruded molding of mixed adhesiveby by pressure-rolling paste, and is made of flat-panel vulcanization machine or continuous vulcanization with drum vulcanization machine. Color: black, gray, green, blue, etc.

Oil-resistant plywood use: widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation sector and housing ground and so on. Used as sealing ring, pad, door and window seals and laying workbench and floor.

Performance of oil-resistant rubber sheet: operating temperature -30C to 80C, working in oil (oil, diesel, gasoline, lubricants) media, with sealing and anti-expansion oil-resistant rubber plate specifications: rubber sheet specifications 1mm---50mm wide 0.1m----2m long ----- unlimited length

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