Features of natural rubber sheet

Natural rubber sheet is mainly used in a variety of large-scale power industry environment, such as power plants, power distribution rooms, substations and field live operations, etc. , in the field operation, to use a sun visor to cover up the natural rubber plate, to avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it is easy to cause safety accidents when using. When preserving natural rubber plates, you should choose to stay away from heat and fire sources and empty them.

Natural rubber sheet is made of natural raw material rubber, rubber as the insulation plate material because rubber has other materials can not match the superior characteristics. First of all, the source of rubber is rubber tree and other plants of latex, rubber elasticity has become the first reason for the choice of insulating rubber plate, good elasticity so that the insulation rubber plate in the paving and other process is not easy to break, and has a good stretch and extension.

Natural rubber sheet and other insulation materials, different types and specifications of rubber plate can withstand the voltage level is not the same, before construction, according to the application of the environment, choose the appropriate model and specifications of rubber plate, if the model and specifications do not meet the construction environment, then it is easy in the construction process, It is easy to cause loss of life and property. In addition, the construction, must have a special security personnel responsible for the safety of the site, to avoid accidents, in the construction, must be in accordance with the relevant safety regulations construction norms, to ensure safe construction, civilized construction.

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