Features of oil-resistant rubber sheets

Oil-resistant rubber sheet is to rubber as the main material, vulcanized and made, also known as rubber sheet, the application range is very wide, today to introduce you under the characteristics of oil-resistant rubber sheet.

Oil-resistant rubber sheet with high hardness, physical and mechanical properties in general, can be less pressure, temperature of 60 degrees within the range of air work. Widely used in the transportation sector, industrial and mining enterprises and housing ground and other fields, mainly used as door and window seals, sealing rubber rings, laying workstations and flooring and pads.

Oil-resistant rubber sheet, according to the use of classification, can be divided into rubber flooring and industrial rubber sheet; According to the color classification, can be divided into white, red, blue, green, gray, black oil-resistant rubber plate and so on. Varieties mainly have clamping cloth, clamp metal skeleton layer rubber sheet, pure rubber sheetand so on.

The performance of oil-resistant rubber sheet is: it has the anti-expansibility and sealing property, the working temperature is Santor to 80 degrees, the rubber sheet specification thickness is one mm to 50 mm, and it can work in various kinds of oil media, such as lubricating oil, gasoline, diesel and oil. Oil-resistant rubber plate is made by mixing glue, through the calendering paste synthetic type or extrusion molding, with the plate vulcanizer vulcanization or with drum vulcanizer continuous vulcanization.

Oil-resistant rubber sheets are oily, depending on the polarity of rubber sheets and oils, and the polar groups contained in rubber molecules, such as hydroxyl, cyanide, chlorine atoms and esters, can cause rubber to exhibit polarity. When the polar large rubber and non-polar oil touch, the polarity of the two difference is large, the rubber sheet is not easy to swell at the moment.

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