What’s the purchasing skills of Rubber sheet?

Rubber sheet is more common in daily life, we can choose according to their different needs and uses, according to their different types of rubber sheet, how to choose a good quality in a large number of rubber sheet, How to choose rubber sheet? The following will bring you purchasing skills for you to choose rubber sheet.

1. Check the appearance quality of the rubber sheet. First of all, look at the color of rubber plate, the original color rubber plate color golden, transparent, carbonated rubber plate is bronze or brown, uniform color and lustre. Medium hardness, acid resistance, alkaline energy. It can work in 20% acid (alkali) liquid with temperature of -30 + 60 C. Purpose: it can be used for stamping all kinds of gaskets with good sealing performance.

2. Check the paint quality of rubber sheet. Place the floor in the light to see if the surface has bubbles, pockmarks, orange peels, and then see if the paint is rich, full and flat. For example, the surface of the medium pressure plate coated with purple, as a high-pressure plate for sale. Therefore, the purchase in addition to inspection of external quality, the main determination of tensile strength can be. On the horizontal side of the plate, 3 200mm × 20mm samples are intercepted and tested on the drawing machine, and it is clear whether they are inferior or not.

3. See the internal quality of the rubber sheet. First of all, see the material can be handheld and eye view, if the floor in the hands lighter, insulation rubber plate description of the use of tender bamboo; if the vision of its fuzzy texture, that the bamboo is not fresh, is older bamboo. Butadiene acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber (NBR) has excellent properties such as fuel resistance oil and aromatic solvent, but it is not resistant to ketone, ester and chlorinated hydrocarbon, so the oil resistant sealing product is mainly nitrile rubber.

4. The structure of rubber sheetis symmetrical or not. It is possible to see whether the floor layer of the rubber plate is tightly glued to the interlayer from the cross-section of the two ends of the rubber sheet.

5. Whether it conforms to the principle of symmetrical balance, and if it is consistent with the structure. Break with both hands, whether there will be stratification. Silicone rubber has outstanding high and low temperature resistance, ozone resistance and weathering resistance. It can maintain its unique use elasticity, ozone resistance, weather resistance and so on in the working temperature range of -70 ℃ ~ 260 ℃. Suitable for making sealing gaskets needed in hot mechanism, such as strong light source lampshade sealing ring, valve pad, etc.

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